Polynom has now completed its issuance of B shares, welcoming 33 new shareholders. Additionally, 485 existing shareholders increased their investments. The total subscription for the issuance...

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Fall share issue is now open!

The autumn issuance is now open and will run until November 30th (at 12:00 am). You can find more information under the 'Invest' tab or by clicking here ->

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Polynomdagen 2023

Over the weekend, we had the Polynom Day 2023 featuring workshops/inspirational lectures with, among others, Per Håkan Börjesson, Günther Mårder, Jan Bolmeson, and Elisabeth Svensson, an "Ask Me...

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Polynom move office to Svenska Hus!

As part of cost-saving efforts, we have moved to new premises at Kungsgatan 6 in Malmö. Despite the lower rent, they are actually significantly larger than the old ones, which provides great...

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