Polynom is a small investment company, but also a growing community for people who want to learn more about investing in unlisted companies.

In our informative article series, we highlight various terms and concepts. With increased knowledge, we can create more companies and jobs in Sweden.

A- och B-shares: a simple guide

Introduction Share classes are a common phenomenon in the corporate world and can be confusing for investors, especially those who are new to the field. Among the various types of share classes, A...

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Rights & obligations as a shareholder

Rights & Responsibilities as a Shareholder: What Should You Consider as a Shareholder?   Right to a Lot When you invest in a company and buy shares, you gain various rights. For instance,...

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Share Issue

  An Overview of Rights Issues: What Is It and How Does It Work? In the corporate world, there are various ways for companies to raise new capital to finance their operations and implement growth...

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What is Pro Rata and Why is it Important to Understand? Pro rata is an adjective that means "in proportion to something." Pro rata distribution refers to the allocation of something in relation to a...

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Share Dilution and Its Effects on Shareholders Introduction In a new issuance, a so-called dilution occurs. If more shares are added, it means that the existing shares represent a smaller portion of...

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence: A Thorough Examination for Informed Decisions Introduction Before undertaking a business deal or investment, it is of paramount importance to conduct a comprehensive and systematic...

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Convertible Bonds: A Brief Explanation A convertible bond is a financial instrument that refers to a specific type of security or bond that gives the owner the option to exchange it for another type...

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Preferred Shares

Preferred Shares: A Stable Investment Opportunity with Benefits and Risks Introduction: Preferred shares are a relatively lesser-known investment option for many, but they offer unique advantages...

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Shareholder agreement

Understanding Shareholders' Agreements: Why They Matter Introduction: When investing in stocks, it's crucial to realize that it's not just about buying and selling shares on the market. Becoming a...

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