Niklas Danaliv has with great success both created and led the company through a cultural journey, developing Polynom’s strong brand, which is something the company carries into the future.

To take Polynom to the next level in an ever-changing world, the board is pleased to announce that Mats Lind, an experienced leader and an integral part of the company, will take over the role as the new Chief Operating Officer in our ongoing journey. The board also wants to take this opportunity to thank Niklas Danaliv for his contributions as CEO. We are also very grateful that Niklas will remain, both on the board and in the company, focusing on investment analysis, investor relations, education, and further building Polynom’s extensive network. We look forward to continued good cooperation!” says Caroline Ekman, Chairman of the Board.

Niklas Danaliv: “After many years of education in finance and wealth management, I am proud to have created an investment company that is inclusive, as well as long-term, profitable, educational, and enjoyable. I now look forward to focusing on the areas that are particularly close to my heart.

Mats Lind has worked in the finance industry for nearly 30 years, both in New York and London. For the past year, he has been active at Polynom. “I am very pleased to take on this leading role in Polynom’s exciting growth journey. It feels incredibly valuable to be able to offer more than just an investment.

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Chairman Caroline Ekman


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